The city that has it all.

Welcome to Guadalajara, where tradition and modernity go hand in hand! This vibrant city is not only the cultural heart of Mexico ,but also the perfect place for your next big event. Why? Because we have everything, for everyone.

Come and enjoy the city that has it all!

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Imagine organizing your conference at the largest convention center in Mexico. Yes, you read that right, the largest! But that’s not all, you can enjoy the best concerts in 22 arenas and stadiums. Plus, treat your guests by taking them to the international shows that the city always has. Enjoy the city that has it all!

Discover why Guadalajara is the easiest city to navigate!

Getting around the vibrant pearl of the west is very easy, thanks to its big avenues that take you everywhere. 

Explore the city like a true local. Here you can walk or use the excellent public transportation we have. Come and don’t miss its most emblematic places. Venture and live Guadalajara to the fullest!

Recorre la ciudad como si fueras un local

  • Imperdibles del Centro Histórico de Guadalajara
  • Templos que valen la pena en Centro de Guadalajara
  • Centros Comerciales en la ciudad
  • Joyas arquitectónicas de La Americana
  • Lugares tradicionales y birria tapatía
  • Vida nocturna





Destino Jalisco Expo Guadalajara
Destino Jalisco Expo Guadalajara